uwg gets a face

now on facebook! ‘click!’ I promise it will be more interesting than my twitter account…

So I heard you guys are keen for an update? No, there’s not yet one there but I’ll break down my big plans and work on the smaller ones instead.
I’ll bring you pistol river and maybe a little tutorial and some new waves (those who break depending on the bottom) and fix a few bugs.

What to expect later on??

Well, you would have known if you clicked on the facebook page…
See you guys later


What’s happening

Hi all

I’m starting to get into the development again!
I’ve been doing research and test on surfable chop, but so far no groundbraking successes.

What I have been able to do is making waves align to the shore/ wrap around a virtual reef.
I’ve also managed to make waves break depending on the surface underneath them.
So a good knowledge of the spot will be imperative to perform well!
With this I can bring tides and stuff too, to make everything a bit more challenging.


I’ve checked the bugs and turns out I forgot to put pistol river in the game build :s.

anyway hope you are excited!